Daily Photo 2

This photo was snapped as I was about to go outside to take todays. Gin hopped up on the windowsill curious as to what I was holding. I hope its food!   Details if anyone is interested:  

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Daily? Random Photo.

In an effort to use my camera more often I have tasked myself with taking a random photo (hopefully) every day. Here’s my first one; Potted Lily growing in my back yard Taken with a Canon EOS 1100D  

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Filled Wholemeal Pitta Pockets

A few days ago my partner brought home three packs of Marks & Spencers No Chic’n Chunks for the bargain price of 20 pence each. Part of M&S Plant Kitchen range, they are usually £2 per pack. BARGAIN! I fancied filling some Pittas with this and some salad so I pumped some olive oil spray […]

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Back at it!

Apologies to anyone who actually checks this blog for updates. As of now, I will be back at it. Even if only to post one thing per week.

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3 for 2 at Holland & Barrett

I just randomly popped into my local Holland & Barrett store and they have a 3 for the price of 2 off running for Veganuary. I’m not sure if there are other brands available in larger stores but my local only appear to stock Frys. There was very, very little left in the freezer, so […]

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