Vegan Sausage Baguette

I have to say a filled baguette has to be my favourite meal recently. It works for any time of day.  You can mix up what type of salad is inside and change the filling to whatever takes your fancy.

We used a sweet and crispy salad bowl from Iceland along with some Vegan sausages (by I can’t remember who) and Nevill’s part-baked baguettes sold exclusively through Tesco.  I slightly wet the baguettes then set them on the rack in the oven and set the heat to 220C. A few sprays of oil in a pan, in went the sausages and a few sprinkles of different spices. Once the baguettes were nicely done on the outside I left them on the chopping board to cool slightly. The sausages were coated in a tomato based condiment (plain or hot) and left in the pan to stay warm while I prepared the baguettes.



I sliced the bread almost all the way through and scraped on some vegan spread to give the salad something to cling to. My partner and I like a few different vegs so I filled hers with more sweetcorn and peppers and mine with more courgettes and beetroot. The sausage was then set in and drizzled with a zigzag of vegan mayo and sriracha sauce.



Another simple yet super tasty thing to have.

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