Bosh! Cookbook

Having accumulated enough points on the I-say survey website I converted them to Amazon vouchers and treated myself to the Bosh! men’s (first?) new book.  The Normal price of the book is £8 for approx 300 pages and is split into eight chapters.

  1. Quick Eats
  2. Big Eats
  3. Show Pieces
  4. Greens & Bosh Bowls
  5. Small Platters & Sharers
  6. Cocktails
  7. Desserts
  8. Breakfasts

There are so many really good recipes within and they appear to be easily adjustable if you don’t have every ingredient. I find there are fewer specialist ingredients than in the Happy Pear books which is good. I won’t go into the details of what dishes are within because there are so many. I’ve made the Rogan Bosh! and like any good blogger, I forgot to take photos of my results though. Doh! Here’s a photo from the book instead:

Rogan Bosh!Rogan Bosh!

And just today I attempted the Sweet Pepper Wraps because who doesn’t like wraps.



There is a nice two page spread toward the end for nutrition. It details what we need and what sources we can get them from. I thought this was a nice touch as it will really help me make sure I’m getting all I need. If you don’t know of Bosh! I recommend you check out their youtube channel and website. Very good stuff indeed.