Trying the No Bull Vegan Burger

More processed goodness to try. The no bull burgers are exclusive to Iceland in the UK. It cost £2.00 for a packet of two ¼ pounders. They weigh approx 113 grams each.

They do look like mince burgers but don’t feel the same. The burgers can be cooked from frozen two ways and shouldn’t be refrozen. They can be pan-fried on a medium heat for 7-9 mins or oven baked in a preheated oven at 18°C for 16-20 mins. I chose the latter method cooked about 15mins each side without preheating.

When turning them during cooking they had a bloody looking oil/gravy on top. Not nice. I do understand that the aim of these is to encourage meat eaters to (hopefully) replace meat in their diet, but even my meat eating brother thinks they could do without the ‘blood’.

My partner and I had them on hi-bran baps with a potato waffle and some tomato sauce. My eagerness to taste them led to me forgetting to add my lettuce. I must say, the texture when cooked is very meat-like, but not so much the flavour. While they are very nice I don’t think they are burgery tasting enough for meat lovers. The next couple will be tasted by carnivores though, so we shall see soon enough what they think. All in all ill definitely be purchasing again. Thanks Iceland.

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