Sligo Camping July 2017 Part 2

A Morning Walk Along The Shore

I awoke the next morning as groggy as expected and rolled from the tent. I discarded the empty crisp and biscuit wrappers that I must have devoured the night before and chose to take a walk along the shore.

I had noticed a sign the night before for Killaspugbrone ruined church and naturally wanted to investigate. At the beginning of the trail, there’s a lovely plaque with a verse from Red Hanrahan’s Song about Ireland by W.B. Yeats.


This is the full poem;

WB Yeats – Red Hanrahan’s Song about Ireland
The old brown thorn-trees break in two high over Cummen Strand,
Under a bitter black wind that blows from the left hand;
Our courage breaks like an old tree in a black wind and dies,
But we have hidden in our hearts the flame out of the eyes
Of Cathleen, the daughter of Houlihan.

The wind has bundled up the clouds high over Knocknarea,
And thrown the thunder on the stones for all that Maeve can say.
Angers that are like noisy clouds have set our hearts abeat;
But we have all bent low and low and kissed the quiet feet
Of Cathleen, the daughter of Houlihan.

The yellow pool has overflowed high up on Clooth-na-Bare,
For the wet winds are blowing out of the clinging air;
Like heavy flooded waters our bodies and our blood;
But purer than a tall candle before the Holy Rood
Is Cathleen, the daughter of Houlihan.

I walked not much further before stopping and trying to get a good photo of a butterfly (going by Google images it might be a Meadow Brown) and a Cinnabar moth caterpillar.


I walked further along, sometimes on the path and sometimes off it onto the pebble beach. IMG_9018.JPG


I’m not sure if it was the morning sun, but the pebbles and stones seemed to have a very rusted colour about them. There is a lot of bleached and weathered posts next along the walk.


I definitely wasn’t prepared for the next part of the stroll; walking past the end of a runway! IMG_9034IMG_9036

The ruins of the church and its crooked headstones are visible from this point. Once past the runway, the path then turns right along a short dusty track and runs almost parallel to the tarmac. There is a weathered wooden sign adorned with an informative plaque on the history of the church. It’s probably too hard to read in the photo, but I’ll include it anyway.


It’s a fantastic little church that I think I read still holds some sort of vigil once a year. I’m not a religious person at all but I would like to join in some day. I have to admit when I stood within and noticed the inward slant of one of the walls I decided the place looked more interesting from the outside!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I highly recommend experiencing this walk if you are in the area but like most outdoor activities in Ireland, it depends on the weather. By the time I got back to Strandhill I was famished so ordered a nice pot of tea and a scone for breakfast.


Now. Where to next?


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