A week in Donegal: Day 4

I awoke the next day and my legs were like jelly. I know I didn’t cycle any great distance the previous day, but the route we took was hilly. That, combined with where base camp is situated has no and I mean no flat paths or roads seemed to have taken its toll on my unfit body. No cycling for me on day four.

An absolutely terrible night with heavy rain and howling winds had given way to yet another beautiful day. A slow relaxed day that gave the impression of every hour being stretched into two. no one seemed to be able to tell what time of day it was without checking and when we did it was always earlier than we thought.


After breakfast, we walked to the first beach just around the corner. We noticed that someone or someones have started tidying the beach. I’m not sure if that would be on a daily or weekly basis, but it is nice all the same.


The smaller beach with the super soft sand was next on our walk. Head left off the larger beach and along the natural granite path to the left of the house and step down onto a type of heaven. Along the wall, there are the unmarked graves of two German soldiers. I’m told the bodies where exhumed sometime in the 90s or early 2000s to be identified, but I may need correcting on this.

IMG_9748The unmarked graves of two German soldiers

This beach usually stinks of rotten seaweed at this time of year but gives all its nutrients to lush green plant life eventually including Ragwort that is covered it the lovely Cinnabar moth caterpillars. A quick browse through the seas detritus left me with a few more bits of driftwood and a lovely Cuttlefish bone or Cuttlebone.


On the way back up and over the hill to base camp, I stopped and turned back to take in this beautiful little beach again.


We had a Hare running from us and had to avoid many Ladybirds and Dinker moth caterpillars on the way back.


We arrived back to camp to yawn, eat too much and teach the children the same card games that we learned in the same place for six weeks of the summer holidays all those years ago.





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