A week in Donegal: Day 3

So on to day three and finally another smallish cycle is done. After the usual late rise, we ate breakfast (usually toasted bread of some sort smothered in a vegan spread) followed by a small walk between the islands while the tide was out. Along with my son, we gathered quite a few bits of driftwood for a campfire plus some to make a planter for wildflowers and some bits of gnarled timber that were just interesting looking.


It was late afternoon when my brother and I had to do a necessities run to Aldi for our mother so we decided to take our time and go I slightly longer route. We settled on what we used to call the ‘shortcut’ to Burtonport village. From our base, we cycled the road up, down and around to the turnoff for the beach. One of the hills is so steep my daughter when she was younger thought it went up to the sky.


After it dipped down, instead of going left we took a right and right again until a turnoff between a house and its garage to a steep downhill gravel path that curves off to a small concrete bridge with a nice view of one of the many small ports scattered around these coastal areas


After crossing the bridge the path has a slowly curved inclination, with a fair few jutting rocks and brambles to avoid. Moreso on the way back down it. Birds and butterflies are plentiful in this area too. We arrived at the main road into the port and freewheeled down to the Aranmore ferry terminal. The road continues left out along the coast road for a few miles before exiting onto the main Burtonport – Dungloe road and includes some of the old railway walk.  I forgot to take any more photographs of the rest of the cycle as it was extremely enjoyable there and back.


Another enjoyable day.

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