A week in Donegal: Day 2

I awakened this morning to be told that I had had a great nights sleep because I kept my brother awake with my snoring. Lol. 

There was no cycling done today but much of the day was spent walking to and from the beach and waters edge. Just past midday, we were joined by our aunt, a few cousins and their children so it was back to the water again for a lot of laughter.

After quite a lengthy period at the beach, everyone traipsed back to camp and started the chores of stripping off wet clothes and trying to get sand from sunscreen saturated skin. Before long the barbecue was billowing grey smoke from the charcoals.

Once the carnivores had their feed and the grease burned away I was able to cook some lovely vegan burgers that I had bought at Aldi. Set in vegan baps with some Moroccan style hummus and mixed leaves, they were delicious and very filling.

Everyone said their goodbyes and we waved our relatives off on their journeys home. I set to painting the stone shed and chilling with a few rums and some music playing from my phone to a Bluetooth speaker. The rest of the day seemed to be spent talking about how good the day had been before we all settled down for the night. All in all, it had been a really enjoyable day.

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