A week in Donegal. Day 1

I’m currently sitting in a tent erected within a shed in Donegal.


I’ve arrived down with my brother and the bikes having taken the coach to Crolly (where the world famous crolly dolls are made). Cycling from the coach stop, the two of us turned inland and ended up at a road that emerges a few yards from the road to the small fishing village of Burtonport. We chose the inland route because of the shelter of the trees and beautiful looking and scented yellow gorse that cover the landscape. It is just as hilly as the more coastal route but it has less traffic and is just as picturesque. We turned left onto the main road as it curved down into a fast dip and then up into a steep incline. After a slow climb to the top, the road dips again and we turn left at what is known as the old dance hall. My mother, son and nephew had already arrived where we are staying earlier in the day so they had claimed the best sleeping arrangements. We were going to erect the tent inner in an empty shed but decided to put the whole tent up inside it as we had room and thought it might be warmer.

Dusk over Tullyillain

After something to eat and a brief walk to the beach, it was easy to fall asleep.

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